Full Spectrum CBD Oil

“Don’t be fooled by imitations, this is the highest quality CBD oil from the FULL full spectrum, not from isolate or fractionated cannabinoids, this oil is made from the TOTAL CO2 EXTRACT of Cannabis sativa with the full profile of cannabinoids as well as the plant lipids and nutrients that other companies take out because they don’t know how to formulate with the total extract to make it taste good. I have recently developed a unique combination of dark cocoa extract and organic peppermint oil that truly tastes amazing. Everyone who has tried this product absolutely loves the flavor.”

~ Dr. Robert Pappas of Essential Oil University


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5 Star Reviews

“Shipping was quick and bottle was well protected. I started with one-fourth dropper full at bedtime and have gone up to one half a dropper. All was well when I noticed my spleen was getting painful during the night. I have since decreased my dosage back down to one-fourth dropper. On the positive side my cataracts and eye pressure goes completely away while using the CBD oil. I have been very pleased with the dosage and price.” ~ Linda C.

“When I saw that Dr. Pappas developed this, I knew it would be the gold standard, and it sure it. I switched from a much-higher priced oil from a multi-level marketing company which had helped my chronic muscle pain somewhat. But when I switched to Dr. P’s, I could definitely tell a difference. More pain control, and help with depression, agitation and mood swings. Individual results will obviously vary, and my issues aren’t completely gone, but I’ve experienced substantial relief and am very grateful. If you’re using a CBD oil and have had disappointing results, don’t give up until you’ve at least tried this one. If you’ve been thinking about trying a CBD oil, this is the one to try!” ~ Deb S.

“Barefut goes above and beyond from quality to affordable pricing and excellent customer service! Have been a customer for years and many more to come! I knew I’d love the cbd oil if barefut stands behind it!” ~ Bridget J.

Dr. P's Dark Chocolate Mint CBD Oil 750mg

All Natural Vitality


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